Now is a 'Smart' Time to Buy Your Future Retirement Property

email-headerYou may be a few years away from actually retiring but wish that you could take advantage of what is still a Buyer's Market.  If you have visited a few of the typical 55+ communities developed by big national companies, you are probably correct.  Let's face it, nobody wants two homes and mortgages but it sure would be nice to lock down the homesite you want without being forced into a too-short timeframe to build.  

At our Penn National Community, located 20 miles west of Gettysburg, PA and within a few hours of the major east coast cities, you can get the best of both worlds--buy your homesite now and build when you're ready.  We think now is a great time to take that 1st important step toward your retirement future. Read below for more:

  • It's Still a Buyer's Market. We have a great variety of homesites and neighborhoods to choose from at great prices. We have a good selection of view, fairway, interior and state forest homesites to choose from at prices substantially below the top-of-market prices;
  • Don't Compromise, Customize. You can choose a builder and customize your plan to get the home you want. Most 55+ communities will limit you to a few plans and about customizing-- fuggedaboudit!
  • Work with a Local Craftsman. Unlike other 55+-type communities that are really developed by mass production-type builders, we will introduce you to a select group of local Builders--custom Builders we've known for years;
  • Buy your homesite Now & Build on Your Own Schedule.  You can build your new home on your own schedule but lock-in the homesite you want now. There are no requirements to build within a certain timeframe. 
  • Moving to Pennsylvania can be a Smart Tax Move. Pennsylvania is one of 9 states that exempt all federal, military, and in-state pensions as well as all Social Security benefits;

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