Mont Alto Pottery Guild Pit Firings on May 26th


The Mont Alto Pottery Guild will have a pottery pit-firing on May 26, at the Penn National Farmers' Market located at Rte. 997 and Orchard Drive. Pit firings use low impact technology to create wood fired pottery without a permanent kiln. A pit is dug and filled with layers of sawdust, newspaper, charcoal, copper carbonate, salt, unglazed pottery, dried cow dung, dried brush and scrap lumber. When lit, the combination of materials creates an atmosphere easily absorbed by the pots, resulting in surface swirls of blacks, greens, yellows and reds.

Since the 2011 Market has new hours of 3-6 pm, the pit-firing preparation will begin around 3 pm. Pots will be removed on Friday or Saturday and will be available for sale at the June 30 Farmers' Market. A second pit-firing is scheduled for Sept. 29, closing day of the Market.

Please note: Pottery created with this method is for decorative use and not suitable for food or drink.


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