John Miner, Employee #1 and Friend


For Penn National, he was employee #1—he was here from the beginning till early in the morning on Sunday, Oct. 30. Today, we mourn the loss of John Miner who died at home peacefully at the age of 83 with his loving wife Kate at his side.

I knew and worked with John since the early 80’s when Mr. Nitterhouse told me—“get to know John--when you give him something to do, he gets it done. He remembers everything and he can find any piece of paper you’re looking for!” And, as I was to find out over the years, he was amazingly correct.

John was a man in a hurry to get things done and over the years we all marveled at his energy and passion for life. John was the classic “right-hand man”—the guy who didn’t need or want the spotlight but who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make things happen.

John was part of an important generation of local businesspeople from the late 1950’s and 60’s who planted the seeds that became modern-day Franklin County. They saw what the area needed and through their own businesses and, in many cases, their cooperation with other business leaders were able to bring their ideas to fruition. They prospered from their business activities but all found ways to give back to the Community through their generosity and volunteering spirit.

John was a member of many local fraternal organizations and gave of his time generously. John was a driving force in starting the new Lions Club at Penn National. John was also a man of many interests and passions including golf, Penn State football, and collecting.

John will be missed for his friendship, good spirit, and passion for the two big Penn’s in his life-Penn State and Penn National. We pray for Kate in the difficult weeks and months that follow such a loss. For the rest of us who knew him well and got to see him daily, we will draw on fond memories and the knowledge that John has left his mark on everything we see and touch at Penn National.