Hot Springs Construction Blog. Week 4 Progress

It's now week 4 and nearly 30 days since our Aug. 22nd start date.  Things are moving fast. This photo was taken on Sept. 19 and shows that all the wall framing from last week is complete and the roof is nearly framed in.  You can also see some of Bryan Hey's crew doing framing on the back side of the house.

As we pointed out last week, this is a stick-built home and it is easy to see in this photo that there are no factory-built trusses here--it's all hand framed.

This Hot Springs home will be ready for occupancy later this year. The home is priced at $250,000 and you can get more info by calling Diane Boock at 800-338-7523 or emailing her at

Now is a perfect time to reserve this home and get involved in choosing appliances, finishes, flooring, etc. You can also choose another home site and pick a plan to build now or when its right for you.  You can see from this blog series that the construction process goes quickly and easily when you deal with the qualified, local craftsmen that build with Penn National.

See you back here next week!