Hay Mania!!!!!!!!!

The other day I was walking the dog and was struck by this scene, which I later photographed.

Then I started getting some photos from other neighbors in the Community who were also captivated by them. They have a certain 'otherworldly' character about them--suddenly they appear like something alien. Maybe its our own summertime StoneHenge, 'HayHenge'. This all begs the question of what happened to the small rectangular bales of our youth? What gives with these large bales?

For this answer, we go to Wikipedia. "People who own small numbers of livestock, particularly horses, still prefer small bales that can be handled by one person without machinery. Round bales are harder to handle than square bales but compress the hay more tightly. Many farmers, particularly those who feed large herds, have moved to balers which produce much larger bales, maximizing the amount of hay which is protected from the elements."

Here are some other photos from your neighbors: