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Women over 55 fastest growing group of facebook users

If you are still thinking about Facebook as something that only your kids or grandkids use, you might be surprised to discover that Facebook’s fastest-growing group of users is women over the age of 55--nearly 11 percent of the hundreds of millions of users on the site are older than 55!

Further, women now outnumber men in every age group on Facebook. In total, women now make up about 56.2% of Facebook’s US audience.

Nataki Edwards, vice president of marketing at AARP, was quoted recently about seniors and their use of social media, “The social networking bug has bitten them, and I think these numbers will continue to increase,” “E-mail is an entry point for a lot of them, and the number of users is increasing even more with the spread of mobile and tablet usage.”

How many of our Penn National residents use Facebook? Comment and let us know how you use it and why you started to use it in addition to emails.

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